Meet Victoria

Victoria Paulette has loved being creative since she was able to hold a crayon in her hand. Growing up in a small town in central Connecticut, she had the pleasure of having great art classes, which allowed her to continue to grow that love into a career. As her love for art grew in college, she realized that her passion would not have been the same without the support of her past art teachers. She received her BFA in Art Education from Montserrat College of Art. While she was there she fell in love with printmaking, book arts, fiber arts, sculpture, and developmental psychology. She wants to work specifically with students who have experienced trauma and social emotional challenges and show them how to express themselves through the visual arts.  She believes that it is essential for her to be a working artist to be the best educator.

Other than being an artist and an educator, Victoria loves to spend time at home with her family, and being outdoors exploring natures beauty. She has a love for house plants and animals and enjoys spending time with her cat Houdini.


This is Houdini